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With a life-long passion for development and a strong career as an IT executive, Scott Brower began producing mobile products for Apple's store in 2010.  What started with a project metrics application soon grew to include a highly secure social messaging application, followed by a very popular secure tracking application that reached the top 500 charts in the United States.  Between these projects, Scott also created a fun music based game just to keep things interesting!  In 2015 Scott pivoted from producing mobile applications for himself to helping clients around the world achieve their dreams of publishing products on Apple's store. AppSwage, LLC was formed in 2015 and has gone on to work with dozens of clients and over 100 applications across all of Apple's mobile and TV based technologies.  

Having served at the executive level for over a decade in Information Technology, Scott has a mix of experiences and skills that are rare in the development space.  With experience managing multi-million dollar budgets, global and outsourced staff, and leadership over projects in the tens of millions of dollars, Scott has a level of business acumen, budgetary accountability, and project leadership rarely found with hands-on development talent.  

What makes AppSwage unique is a mix of business executive experience, a burning passion for development, and an unwavering commitment to transparency and communication.  A consistent theme you will hear over and over from AppSwage clients is the strength of communication at every step, the candor and transparency that comes with respecting the client, and the absolute commitment to client success.  


Origin of the Name

The name AppSwage combines "application" with a tool or process used by blacksmiths referred to as a "swage" or "swaging".  These tools and processes are used to shape metal in ways that increase beauty and fitness for a desired purpose.  It is with this same idea that AppSwage and our client partnerships were forged.

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Scott R. Brower

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Scott Brower is a longtime veteran of Information Technology responsible for teams and business solution initiatives on a global level.  Scott has led significant business transformation projects in all areas of business.  Scott has worked across industries to include healthcare, entertainment software, insurance software, and biotech.  Scott's tenure includes 13 years with the company now known as Activision Blizzard including leading their business application integration following an $18B merger with Vivendi.  Scott has significant experience with systems selection both on-premise and SaaS, as well as contract negotiation, vendor management, and off-shore solutions.   A life-long passion for software development and the strong focused and personal nature of mobile apps sparked the desire to delve deeply into the space and form AppSwage.



Published Apps

Secure location tracking (top 500 US)

Secure ephemeral instant messaging

Fast-paced music game

Clear Project
Project metrics & Reporting

Client Applications

• Children's e-books
• Educational study aids
• Health care
• GPS & Location Services
• Donations & Fundraising
• Product sales
• Self-help
• Fitness
• Many More!

Developer Services

• Swift & Objective C course on Udemy
• Popular YouTube channel that teaches development